The production

The raw material purchased from selected suppliers, is treated with an alkali and acid solution and then extracted by hot water inside the extraction vessels.
The gelatine solution is then purified through several dedicated steps, continuously monitored by Lapi Gelatine’s technicians. The remaining water is then eliminated by under vacuum evaporators and a drying tunnel (after the gelification and extrusion).
Gelatine is finally packed and stored ready for despatch.

In-house production

With a 42,000 m2 gelatie and collagen production plant located in Empoli, between Florence and Pisa, Lapi carries out in-house production 365 days a year, offering quality products all over the world.

In-house laboratory

Quality control and quality assurance available to customers, with the support of an in-house laboratory to perform physical, chemical and microbiological analyses using standardised and validated methods.

Process and food safety certifications

The facility is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified to guarantee the quality and safety of the systems. The company also has Halal and Kosher certifications for the entire gelatin and collagen making process.

Continuous research into innovation

A business that grows together with its partners and customers, for continuous in-house, service and product improvement.

We work for a better world