Medical applications

Gelatine for plasma expanders is used in emergency medical treatment. Products containing
 gelatine are often used to recreate the volume of blood after extensive blood loss. Gelatine-based products, in fact, simulate the viscosity and molecular properties of blood.
In this scenario, the gelatine used must comply with very stringent microbiological and endotoxin specifications.
 Gelatine is also used for the production of haemostatic sponges which are used
during surgical operations to produce a localised haemostatic effect. These sponges can also be left in place as they are absorbed by the tissues.

Pet food

Lapi Gelatine is registered under Reg. 183/05 with number 04801420180000..

Gelatine is used in the production of pet food, both for its ability to bind water and
 for its proteins content.
 Collagen peptides are used as food supplements for the health of joints and bones of animals, as
they are for human beings.

Clarification of drinks

Gelatine is used as a reagent to the tannins and bitter substances of wine. It also absorbs the substances which create cloudiness by making them amass for easier removal. 
Gelatine is, therefore, the element used to clarify wine, fruit juice, cider and beer.