Founded in 1966 in the heart of Tuscany, Lapi Gelatine promotes a wide range of bovine and fish gelatine and collagen peptides worldwide. In addition to its long experience in the sector, the company’s added value lies in the guarantee of 100% European production, quality and safety.
Lapi Gelatine is an international business that operates in fifty-two countries, working with both small and medium production companies and large multinational businesses, through direct sales or distributors and agents, in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical sectors.

Mission: To promote high-quality gelatine and collagen peptides worldwide, whilst guaranteeing Italian production and 100% European safety.

Lapi Group

The company has taken inspiration for its hallmark values and principles which have guided its growth thus far, from the family and the strength of a well-established group. Lapi Group is a business enterprise consisting of eight companies operating in the chemical, industrial and service delivery area. The group offers Lapi Gelatine both financial and administrative support.


The company is also part of the GME (Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe) network, the entity that represents all manufacturers of gelatine and hydrolysed collagen in Europe and ensures their standards are met.

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