The pharmaceutical market is the one in which Lapi Gelatine has the most extensive knowledge and experience and the company, therefore, is able to offer tailor-made and specific products for each application, depending on the customer’s production requirements.

Hard and soft capsules

Produced from a mixture of gelatine, glycerol and/or sorbitol and water, soft capsules are used
to contain the active ingredients that are inserted during the production of the
capsules and a low-medium bloom gelatine is normally used to produce this product. Hard capsules are produced with high bloom gelatine based on an immersion technique;
two half capsules are produced which are then assembled mainly by pharmaceutical
companies, which fill them with active ingredients and directly close them.



The adhesive properties of gelatine are exploited for this application to provide structure to the
The gelatine is subjected to wet granulation before compression while hydrolysed gelatine is used for direct compression.
The bloom value of the gelatine used is fundamental for dissolving the tablet: high bloom value for long times and low bloom value for fast dissolution times.


Micro-encapsulation allows you to change the solubility and appearance of a substance (oil from
liquid to powder), or to cover the unpleasant odour and taste of the substance.
You can also protect the substance from oxidation or
humidity with micro-encapsulation.
The substance to be micro-encapsulated is finely dispersed in a gelatine solution and then,
transformed into a powder thanks to an additional specific drying process.