As a result of decades of know-how, Lapi Gelatine can offer tailor-made products for all applications for specific customer needs.

Food supplements for body care

The main component of skin is collagen which is responsible for maintaining the skin’s structure.
As we age, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases and wrinkles begin to appear. 
It is essential to maintain the amount of collagen in the skin to avoid or delay the appearance of the signs of ageing. The regular daily intake of collagen peptides (hydrolysed gelatine) as a cosmetic nutrient improves the condition and structure of the skin and helps prevent it from ageing.

Creams and beauty products

Collagen peptides (hydrolysed gelatine) used in food supplements may help to increase the strength, resistance and shine of nails.
 Topical applications of products containing collagen peptides, also help to keep the skin hydrated, thus preventing ageing and contributing to keeping it soft and smooth.
 Topical products, based on collagen peptides, are also used in hair care, which help to improve shine and compatibility, especially when hair has
 undergone chemical treatments, such as perms or colouring treatments.